European Education Alliance

An open platform promoting Education in All Policies at European level

What is the European Education Alliance (EEA)?

A platform through which members of the European Parliament can co-create, along with educators, learners, educational actors, NGOs, companies, innovators, students or parents across Europe, education policies for a more inclusive European society designed to enable us to deal with the digital and green transformations.

The European Education Alliance is a pilot initiative for open dialogue between policy makers and citizens across the European Union, through which we can debate, deliberate and create better policies for the education systems. The EEA is an open space for sharing ideas, through which the representatives of the civil society can promote their policy agendas and get involved in the European legislative processes.

This project aims to create a strong, cooperative European alliance through which civil society leaders and European decision-makers can work together for a quality inclusive education across the European Union. Our goal is to organize debates with the major European educational platforms, in order to understand the lessons of the past months and to plan for the challenges ahead, so as to make online learning a valuable component of the education process , evaluate the possibility of increased integration of education and research but also to generate an impact in terms of questions that are being raised at EU level, own initiative reports or pilot projects focused on education.

We call upon all political, community, and business leaders, at the European and national level alike, to rise to this most essential challenge: Education in Europe can become the instrument of change for the better, only if more of us stand up for its needs.

We want to debate, deliberate and co-create policies on topics such as:

We want to debate, deliberate and co-create policies on topics such as:

  • The digital transformation of education;
  • The importance of STEAM and STEM education;
  • Green schools across the European Union: how can the school curriculum be valued as an effective tool in order to raise awareness on topics like climate change and the green transition;
  • Inclusion of the young people with disabilities in the formal education systems;
  • Sharing best practices regarding the training of the educators;
  • The future of the higher education in Europe and the possibility to expand access to quality education through a pan-European Online University;
  • Promoting European citizenship education and European values through formal and non-formal education;
  • Increasing adult participation in lifelong learning
How will the European Education Alliance work?

How will the European Education Alliance work?

  • Monthly meetings with the members of the Alliance;
  • Drafting policy initiatives at the European level;
  • A complete organisational structure to cover all the major topics regarding education at European level, from education in relation with the labour markets to digital education policies;
  • Drafting recommendations for the European and national actors (Council, European Commission, national decision-makers) in order to close the gaps between and within Member States and shape common policies for education based on the realities on the ground;
  • Taking decisions based on consultations with all stakeholders – policy education based on consensus;
  • Creating links between NGOs and policy makers;
  • Promoting national best practices

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Great to have in @EU_Commission VP @MargSchinas a big supporter of #education. With his leadership & the @euedualliance we can come up with bold initiatives & build an European agenda for education.

➡️Under the umbrella of @euedualliance, MEPs @negrescuvictor and @EvaMaydell hosted a fruitful dialogue with the European Commission’s Executive VP for a Europe fit for the Digital Age, @vestager. We must make the most use of the digital tools in education.

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