On the 15th of April, we successfully launched the European Education Alliance, with a clear responsibility to make #MissionEducation possible!
The European Education Alliance, co-chaired by the MEPs Victor Negrescu and Eva Maydell is a pilot initiative for open dialogue between policy makers at the european and local levels, key stakeholders and citizens across the European Union, through which we can debate, deliberate and create better policies for the education systems. During the event, we stressed the fact that we are ready to bring consistent ideas in the public debate regarding the future of education and Europe, creating bridges between stakeholders.
We thank commissioner Mariya Gabriel for supporting our initiative – we strongly believe that collaboration between the European institutions is the key in creating resilient educational systems that are qualitative and accesible for all Europeans.
Since we want to shape the future of education in Europe together, we will support the dialogue with all the social partners interested in education, which is why we want to thank our special guests to the event, Mrs. Arja Krauchenberg, the president of Lifelong Learning Platform and Mr. Larry Flanagan, the president of ETUCE – European Trade Union Committee for Education.
Through hard work, sharing ideas and dedication, we will make sure that education will be present in all policies, so continue to follow our activity, because we have many more actions to come!